Pop Surreal Oil Painting "Cant Have It" 11x14 inches on Canvas with floater frame - Original Art - Pop Surrealism - Lowbrow - Oil Painting

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"Cant Have it" by Joey Gates 2017

One of a kind original oil painting.

This painting represents the challenge of wants vs needs. This couple is together yet separated. In an alien environment desiring simple things that used to be easily obtained. I believe they can find a way to be happy and still find pleasure in their new world, but it won't be easy.

This oil painting is 11x14 inches on canvas

Artist Statement:

The truth about reality, is that it’s not what we think it is. We all subconsciously feel the tension of this, so we choose to embrace what’s in front of us. Illusion or not.

Most art in our world reinforces the consensus view of reality. That art calms us or makes us think about how we fit into what we call “normal”.

However, my art attempts to untether the viewer from this world for juat a moment. I create forms that catch light and shadow similar to our reality. The forms look as if they could be familiar. However, they are allusive and curious. My art work is honest, because reality is also allusive and curious.

A truth worth celebrating.

The art is varnished to protect the work. Comes with a signed certificate of authenticity from the artist.

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